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Mama Skully Patches

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Mama Skully Patches

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Embroidered iron on patches featuring Mama Skully, includes three different patches. Perfect for adorning your jeans, jackets and more!
Instructions on how to use are on the back of the package.

Mama Skully: H5 x W5 cm/ H2 x W2 in, Diamond: H4 x W4 cm/ H1.5 x W1.5 in, Rose: H4 x W4 cm/ H1.5 x W1.5 in

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Hi I'm Mama Skully

Mama Skully is the matriarch and oldest inhabitant of Tulipop. She is actually the creator of the island. When an undersea volcano erupted thousands of years ago, Mama Skully came up with the lava, ending up on Skull Rock.

Mama Skully planted Mr. Tree and gave life to the rest of the island and its inhabitants. She is very, very ancient and her memories go far back in time. She loves poetry, culture and art and thinks she was a poet in a former life. Or maybe a pirate, she can’t remember. Maybe both!

Mama Skully cares about all the members of the Tulipop family but is usually gruff and dismissive, very rarely showing them her true feelings. She and Mr Tree are like an odd couple who bicker all the time. She has made an art of sarcasm and takes no prisoners but considers everyone on Tulipop her family.

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