Gloomy Drawstring


Gloomy Drawstring

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Gloomy Drawstring

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The bag has a small inner pocket with zipper and a clip so it can be attached to the Tulipop backpack.

W33 cm x H45 cm / W13 in x H18 in
Water resistant fabric

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Hi, I'm Gloomy

Gloomy is a giggly, adventurous mushroom girl who loves surprises and small pranks. She lives in the Black Forest at the roots of the mystic volcano Kapow.

Gloomy enjoys singing, twirling, writing secrets in her diary, telling ghost stories and catching fireflies. Her secret game is scurrying around in the forest after dark hoping to scare someone’s pants off.

Her favourite colour is squid-ink black and she is mad for crunchy crust pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream.

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