Tulipop’s Top Five Holiday Activities in Reykjavík


Tulipop’s Top Five Holiday Activities in Reykjavík

The holiday season offers a beautiful time to be with the people you love. In Iceland, this couldn’t be more true –here, the holidays are all about spending time with family!

That’s why we’ve created this list of things for you to do in Reykjavík together with your loved ones. We’ve made it with an eye for our holiday traditions so you can also experience a taste of Iceland.

Enjoy Icelandic Holiday Treats

Who would like to experience a traditional Icelandic Christmas snack? Look in local supermarkets for Laufabrauð, or “Leaf Bread,”the most appealing flatbread ever. Like beautiful snowflakes, intricate designs carved with minute tools decorate the tops of these amazing treats. We like to enjoy our Laufabrauð with butter, clementines, and a special Icelandic soda known as “jólaöl.”

Where is Bubble?

Go Ice Skating

Spend some hours of fun with loved ones at the ice skating rink on Ingólfstorg Square. When you’re all ready to sit down and relax, the Christmas Market next to the rink offers hot drinks and a cozy atmosphere.

Meet Iceland’s Thirteen Yule Lads

We at Tulipop are strong believers in kindling imagination, especially during the magic of the holiday season. We like to spark this imagination in our children by letting them meet the Yule Lads at Þjóðminjasafnið Museum. Descended from trolls, the Yule Lads like to give treats or play tricks on children across Iceland. They come to the museum daily from the 12th until the 24th of December, telling guests stories of olden times.

Behold The Holiday Lights

Gloomy spying on one of the Yule Lads

When the skies are dark all day during Icelandic winters, it is amazing to know that light still exists! That’s why we absolutely love holiday lights. We recommend taking a walk downtown where you’ll find yourself surrounded by thousands of fairy lights.

An essential part of the Icelandic holiday experience, why not also enjoy a cup of freshly made heitt súkkulaði (hot cocoa) while you’re there? We love getting the one at Systrasamlagið in Óðinsgata with a healthy treat on the side. Alternatively, Mokka café at Skólavörðustígur serves the best waffles in town!

Systrasamfélagið café 

Buy New Clothes

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without some good old superstitions. In Iceland, it is obligatory to have new clothes for Christmas. If you do not, the jólakötturinn (Christmas Cat) will eat you. So buy new Christmas clothes for your friends and family in one of the great Icelandic designer stores downtown and support the local economy. We recommend visiting Aftur, Yeoman, Kiosk, Gloria, Hlín Reykdal or Farmers & Friends. You could also buy your clothes used in the Red Cross shop and do a good Christmas deed.

Miss Maddy obviously did not get new clothes for Christmas 

We hope you can use these suggestions to go out in Reykjavík and spend some time with loved ones during this special holiday season. Whether you decide to do one or more of the activities, we’d love to know how you liked them!

P.S. Are there any other holiday activities in Reykjavík you’d recommend?

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Written by Christine Engel Snitkjær