Fred Bamboo Dinner Set


Fred Bamboo Dinner Set

Fred Bamboo Dinner Set

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Fred Bamboo Dinner Set

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Eco-friendly dinner set featuring Fred. The set includes a plate, a bowl and a cup. 

The items are made of degradable bamboo fibers but unlike many eco-friendly tableware, our has a glossy finish that gives it a great look and feel.

The items included are illustrated with pictures of Fred in a colorful mushroom field with the bunny twins Ping and Pong, about to enjoy his favorite food: Ink cap mushrooms. 

This set is ideal for color-loving children of all ages that like kind but smelly monsters. 

The set comes in a beautifully illustrated gift box, which is made of recyclable material.

Box size: W22.5 cm x H22.5 cm x D10.7 cm / W8.8 in x H8.8 in x D4.2 in
This set is made primarily of bamboo fibre. Bamboo fibre is eco-friendly because is's degradable at the end of its lifecycle. This set is free from BPA, phthalates and PVC. Tulipop bamboo fibre products are dishwasher safe, but the high temperatures of a dishwasher combined with dishwasher detergent can fade colors faster.

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Hi I’m Fred

Fred is the strong, silent type. He lives in the depths of the Black Forest, near the Golden Alps. No one can really say for sure what kind of creature he is, but legend has it that his mother was a reindeer.

While much concerning Fred’s origins and nature is a mystery, one thing is for sure; the reason for his distinctive black colour is that he only eats ink-cap mushrooms. Nothing else is on the menu. Ink-cap mushrooms are the be all and end all.

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